Thursday, 24 November 2011

social impacts of ICT

                                                                                                                                           Lilly Anderson
Social impact of ICT                                      Thursday 15th September 2011
ICT has affected all ages of community because in a way                                                                                                                it’s good and bad. A good way is a way to learn and you can socialise with people but it is also bad because you can get addicted to facebook, twitter (etc.) and it can cause problems with the community. A couple of problems are sitting in all day everyday getting fat and becoming addicted to computers.
ICT has affected people’s jobs e.g. ASDA has there own self scanners and those people who worked on tills haven’t got their jobs no more some have but some haven’t so them people lost there jobs. Jobs are going down the drain as we speak because it’s not just all the self scanners. People won’t go to the stores because they can sit at home and order on line and if people do this all the time it’s bad for your health and bad for socializing with people.

Legal charges
Hacking is a big problem in life these days Facebook, Twitter social contact like mobile phones there getting hacked every day. Big gaming companies are getting hacked like PSP, Xbox live and others.
 There are also obscene content like pornography underage people are just writing a date of birth in and getting to view these sites. There are also downloads like copyright music, films, games these are all illegal because you would usually have to pay for these things but these sites are free.

Ethical – ICT
Some websites when you sign up you have to agree to terms and conditions and most of them sell your details. This is wrong because then people will know your business so they can get into your bank account and give out some very important details. This could lead into your house getting robed and goods getting taken and planting bugs in your house.

In enemy of the state they use unethical ICT. This is wrong because they set him up and he is innocent. They set him up with bugs, satellites and computers also beacon transmitter they also used tracking devices and hid camera’s in his house.

Digital divide.
The gap of the digital divide is getting bigger because of all the new jobs that are being made as we speak. Most of us will have to get a job that we have not been thought in school. We are leaving poor people behind to suffer without technology like people in Africa and India they will be left behind when we are more advance.